Last updated: 2022-12-21

The information given by AYYES, LLC relating to the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is for information purposes only. It is not designed to be an exhaustive guide to the requirements of the GDPR. It is users responsibility to ensure that you comply with the provisions of the GDPR and related legislation. Each company’s responsibilities relating to the GDPR will vary depending on individual circumstances; accordingly, we will not be liable to you for your reliance on information provided in relation to the GDPR.

You warrant, represent, and undertake to us that Personal Data shall comply with the GDPR in all respects including, but not limited to, its collection, holding, and processing.

You shall be liable for, and shall indemnify (and keep indemnified) us in respect of any and all action, proceeding, liability, cost, claim, loss, expense (including reasonable legal fees and payments on a solicitor and client basis), or demand suffered or incurred by, awarded against, or agreed to be paid by, us and any of our Sub-Processors arising directly or in connection with:

  • Any non-compliance by you with the GDPR or other applicable legislation;
  • Personal Data processing carried out by us and any of our Sub-Processors in accordance with instructions given by you that infringe the GDPR or other applicable legislation.
Data storage Guideline

Data is stored securely in Akami/Linode/Wasabi/Amazon data centers throughout the world. Data will be held in the data center nearest to the location USA or Europe. Data is encrypted at rest and is also encrypted in transit with all communications over HTTPS. No data leaves the production environment and only qualified personnel have access to the data centers. And no data on our internal server is transferred without the EEA.

Backup and Security

In terms of security, access to security logs are strictly controlled. We leverage cloud data center security policies updates for security patches updates. We use Cloudflare and Akami/Linode to monitor for unauthorized intrusion attempts and report unauthorized access upon detection to the Federal government agencies. Our authorized support and sales executives have limited access to usage data, and technical support teams access our network and server infrastructure. Data is backed up every day using auto back system. Our data-retention policies are dictated by user account holders. All access to AYYES dashboard and features is controlled by username and password. Unpaid account usage data is deleted every 90 days.

Data Breach Policy

In the event of a data breach, the point of contact from AYYES, is our legal at, this will invoke the data control procedure with our customer support team as required. Then we will report the breach to the relevant supervisory authority within 72 hours.  Upon technical research corrective measures are taken to handle data breach policies.

Data Retention

Please note that consent given does not last forever. All user and personal information will be retained for the purposes of bulk eMail marketing & Phone call management data analytics, once the user master account is closed all data including sub-users will be retained up to 90 days. This means we will delete AYYES Master account and sub-account database & files which we cannot be retrieve upon deletion.


We comply with anti-spam laws and enforce anti-spam policies.

Data Sharing or Sales