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AYAYYES™YES™ Time Tracker is a desktop application designed for worker payment protection by validating work tasks are completed on time and on task. Log time on hourly contracts by freelancers, contractors, consultants, and employees.

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Download AYYES Time Tracker™ desktop time tracking software for Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS & Linux operating systems.

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AYAYYES™YES™ Work Manager uses the AYAYYES™YES™ Time Tracker desktop application to help hourly workers track tasks, times, and activities by project and task they are working on.  The automated screenshots taken by the client software are taken during random time intervals and it also captures keyboard usage. 

The information is automatically uploaded to the AYAYYES™YES™ Cloud Servers.  The data and images are secured and stored in Amazon AWS services. The information is only accessible via authorized users active on AYAYYES™YES™ Work Manager

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